the privacy sound wall that surpasses the fence

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There are two ways to estimate and purchase your greenewall project, and we will take an active role in helping you with either. For smaller projects (less than 100 linear feet), you may choose the shopping cart below, which will show a total product cost but does not include shipping or sales tax (where applicable).

To derive those additional costs we ask you to provide the factory with a screenshot of your completed Cart along with your contact information and any helpful sketches or other information so that we may call to review the total for accuracy. We will then confirm the missing costs so you can complete your order according to the standard payment terms.

The alternative (best for larger projects over 100 linear feet) is to use our Quote Form, which will allow us to contact you to assist in developing your project to a finished quotation and Sales Order.

**greenewall does not provide installation services. A professional Installer can quote and execute your installation with help from us. We can assist with targeting installing contractors. See Installation page

Measurement and Ordering


  1. Accurately measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of location where greenewall is to install. Note: As panel assemblies are 10’ wide, order approximately 10% more panel assemblies to ensure horizontal coverage. (Make sure you have enough panel assemblies to cover area. Panel assemblies can be cut and grooved on job site for exact odd dimension.
  2. For vertical coverage, be sure to take into account elevation change (rise or fall). Determine at vertical transition whether you desire a ‘stair-step’ or will be creating a ’terrain’ transition to follow the terrain. If a terrain flow is desired, order extra panel(s) sized to be able to fill-in and cut in the vertical transition. Also, at vertical transition, be it stair-step, or smooth, order longer posts to adequately support transition.


After completing all measurements, itemize and total the panel assemblies, posts, top caps and accessories required. In the All Products section of Shop, add the quantities of each item required to the Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart will then give you a Total. Before paying please take a screenshot of the Cart with total and send to with your contact information We will reach out to you to confirm accuracy of the order and supply the additional costs you need to complete your purchase.


50% deposit required with order, and final 50% due before shipping. Check, money order or Bank Transfer are acceptable forms of payment.


greenewall is made to order so lead times will vary. Please inquire at for current shipping schedule.



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