Greenewall...the sound wall that surpasses the fence.


My greenewall story. I live in the Laurel district in Oakland. A few years ago I transformed the end of my garden into a beautiful restful setting, with a patio of travertine tiles, some landscaping and teak furniture, and it became a great place to hang out on a weekend morning or late in the afternoon. But my Shangri-la was missing something... the fence to the adjacent garden was awful; old thin planking against a sagging frame, with gaps between the planks and holes where the knots had been. Luckily it was behind the newly planted bamboo tree and horsetails, so I made a temporary fix by covering the old fence with a roll of bamboo, thinking "good enough, out of sight is out of mind".

Five years later the bamboo looked just as bad as the old fence, and my mate Bob persuaded me to install one of his new greenewalls. I was rather skeptical at first, but he persisted and I agreed. In a flash the old fence was gone and I could see the new construction was going to be really nice. A couple of days later I had a brand-new solid-construction wall that transformed the end of the garden into that great space I had planned in 2004. The wall completes the setting, and looks great... classical lines and completely private, and as a bonus greenewall acts as a sound-block, looks as if it will last a lifetime and it adds value to the property. I wish I had known Bob and that greenewall had been available when I was first planning the garden space six years ago.

    -- Martin K., Oakland, CA


I was very pleased with the purchase of my greenewall product.


I was impressed with the fine service and excellent quality of the product. The stucco appearance & custom shape looks very expensive yet was reasonably priced. It enhanced the look of my property much better than a wood fence would have.

Information provided prior to starting the project was thorough. I especially appreciated the photos so I could easily visualize what the wall would look like in front of my house and everything was handled very professionally.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you.

    -- Amy L., Oakley, CA

greenewall was the right choice for me, aesthetically, environmentally and financially. I have a Mediterranean style home in Lafayette, and to finish the look, I needed a stucco wall. I am also very passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

I have been looking for the "perfect" solution for over 10 years, and found it in greenewall. The benefits are many but the most important for me are the following:  95% recyclable, Leed certified stucco without harmful chemicals or toxins, 50 year life cycle (diversion from landfill), saves redwood and cedar forests (no wood used), blocks out noise (I live on a busy street), substantial cost benefit (less costly than a quality wooden fence or stucco wall).

When I checked out one of the installed walls, I was equally impressed by the quality of workmanship and appearance. The style, which is very flexible to every design, was a natural complement to the architectural design of my house.

As an added benefit I found the designer and owner of greenewall, Robert Hodgson, to be extremely flexible in adjusting the design and color to match my house exactly. I was most impressed by his professionalism (and that of his crew), his sincere attention to detail and his oversight of the project.

I highly recommend greenewall to anyone interested in an affordable quality product with environmental benefits, and professional workmanship.

    -- Nooshy Mobasher, Lafayette, CA


We are so glad we chose greenewall for our property! I spent hours researching and costing every possible type of fence on the market, including wood, vinyl, bamboo, and straw bale, trying to find something to fit all our needs. We needed a privacy fence that was environmentally friendly, cost effective, attractive, durable, and low maintenance. greenewall was the ONLY option that hit every benchmark. It was the only fence that offered the additional benefits of fire-resistance and provided a sound barrier.

Our property is an 1880's farmhouse that has been renovated into five units, located on a busy corner in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland. We needed a fence, but greenewall did what no other fence could have done -- it literally created a quiet, private "inner courtyard" which added a very desireable component to the property. Our tenants LOVE this new "outdoor room" and are using the front yard for the first time.

We are amazed at how everyone from the Postal Carrier to people driving by stop and want to talk about our greenewall fence. The compliments are genuine and one neighbor even thanked us for "not putting up a cheesy wood fence". We are absolutely convinced it has added value to our property. Knowing we saved 639 board feet of redwood trees makes us very happy. Realizing we don't have any maintenance to keep it looking this beautiful (except occasionally hosing it down) makes us giddy with joy.

We could not be happier. Thanks to the professional crew at greenewall our property is transformed, and it cost approximately the same price a "normal" fence would have...

     -- Francesca Kuglen, Oakland, CA

My 30 yr old wooden front fence was on it's "last leg" and I was ready to replace it with another wooden fence. I remembered seeing an article in the Chronicle about a new technology, which was "green", waterproof/fireproof and soundproof. I researched and found the article... calling Bob Hodgson for more info.

After a meeting, a sketch of the project + weighing the cost (3 x's wooden fence) I gave greenewall the OK to proceed. ...when the project began.... it lasted exactly 1 and 1/2 weeks (as promised). They demolished the old fence, hauled everything away and installed the new one. Each day the property was cleaned, debris removed... the finished product done in 8 days. (This included re-wiring for the electric gates.)

What a difference! The fence "looks and feels" like a substantial stone wall (similar to what you might see in Europe). The subtle color combination, texture and feel of the new fence has raised the architectural bar in my Bernal Heights neighborhood. It has also enhanced the look of my small "earthquake cottage" and it's inviting landscaped courtyard. (It has also greatly increased the re-sale value of my property.)

I would highly recommend greenewall to those wishing to change the look and feel of the exterior of their home from the "ordinary" to the "truly unique". It definitely has the "wow factor" going for it (especially among friends and family seeing it for the first time).

    -- Tim Wilcox, San Francisco, CA