Greenewall...the sound wall that surpasses the fence.

faq's about greenewall

Q:  What makes greenewall green?
A:  greenewall walls are constructed so that they're 100% recyclable containing no harmful silica, toxins, or chemicals.

Q:  Is greenewall waterproof and rodent/termite resistant?
A:  greenewall is fireproof, waterproof and pest resistant, thanks to the primary ingredients, including Magnesium Oxide, a naturally occurring mineral. Made with our proprietary technology, it is non-nutrient, and will not mold or mildew.

Q:  Is greenewall fireproof?
A:  greenewall has a superior fireproof rating due to the use of magnesium board which has a 2 hour fireproof rating.

Q:  Will greenewall crack?
A:  Our wall fencing moves with the seasons and movement of the earth, which prevents it from falling down, cracking or need for repair or replacement.

Q:  I have a wood-siding home, can greenewall complement that?
A:  Yes, greenewall adapts to any style or finish.

Q:  How long will greenewall last?
A:  We offer a substantial warranty (25 years) on greenewall wall fencing.*

Q:  How much does greenewall cost?
A:  Pricing is competitive with vinyl fencing and about one-quarter the cost of a conventional stucco wall.

 genesis of greenewall

greenewall was an idea born of a personal need in my backyard -- visual, sound and access privacy from adjoining neighbors.

Chain link was not a choice, as it looked too institutional. Vinyl plastic, with a simulated wood look, seemed to have no ecological merit. Wood worked well, and seemed to be the only real option. However, the thought of cutting down beautiful cedar and redwood trees for just a visual barrier of limited life didn't seem right.

Not finding an acceptable solution, as an Industrial Designer, I decided to design one. My criteria was to create a solid, yet simple, architectural wall, one that was simple to install, sturdy, eco-friendly, a sound and visual barrier that could support plantings and accessories, aesthetically complimentary to the house, non-flammable and resistant to the elements.

greenewall privacy sound walls is the culmination of all that work. We are proud and thankful for what we have achieved, and hope you will join with us in making greenewall work for you.

Robert Hodgson,
CEO and Inventor of greenewall