Greenewall...the sound wall that surpasses the fence.

comparison chart

 Characteristic  greenewall  Stucco Wood  Wrought Iron  Vinyl  Aluminum  Chain Link 
 Average Lifetime  25 years  40 years  5 - 15
 50 years  20 years  20 years  20 years
 Termite & Pest
 Highly resistant  High  Low  High  High  High  High
 Mold & Mildew
 Highly resistant  Medium  Low  High  High  High  High
 Fire Barrier  High  High  No  No  No  No  No
 Sound Barrier  High  High  No  No  Low  No  No
 Eco-Friendly  High  Low  Low  Medium  Low  Medium  Medium
 Thermal Value  High  High  No  No  Low  No  No
 Cost to build $
 and maintain
 Aesthetic value   Architecturally
 Varies  Decorative  Limited  Limited  None
 Visual privacy  Excellent  Excellent  Fair  None  Fair  Fair  None to fair
 Structural integrity   Strong, shock
 & wind  resistant
 Solid, but
 Strong, but
 Strong &
 Washable  Painting &
 painting &
 Washing &
 Washing  Washing &
 Washing &
 flower boxes,
 pillars, cut out
 windows, colors 
 Many choices,
 Color &
 Color & Style  Decorative  Color  Color  None
 Weather resistant   High  High  Low  Fair  Fair-
 High  High
 Physical security   High  High  Medium  Medium  Medium  Medium  Medium
 Cost of installation   Low  High  Low-Medium  High  Medium  Medium  Low