Greenewall...the sound wall that surpasses the fence.

about greenewall

what makes greenewall green? 

  • 100% recyclable
  • Enduring:  greenewall wall fencing lasts 50 years or more (diversion from landfills).
  • greenewall wall panels contains no harmful silica, toxins, or chemicals.
  • The color is impregnated in the LEED-certified stucco. No paint required for maintenance, thus less energy, labor & materials to maintain.
  • During manufacturing process magnesium board surfaces absorb CO2, a greenhouse gas.

Bob Hodgson speaking at the Oakland Chapter AIA Luncheon, January 19, 2011.
  • No redwood or cedar forest are destroyed to construct greenewall wall panels.
  • greenewall's core is composed of natural minerals from the earth. The primary ingredient is Magnesium Oxide, a naturally occurring mineral.
  • greenewall wall surfaces and core are bonded with a Greenguard certified adhesive.
  • Our steel posts are powder-coated to prevent rusting and last a lifetime (and are recyclable).
  • greenewall privacy sound wall fences flex with the change of seasons and movement of the earth, minimizing repair and replacement.
  • 2 hour fire-proof rated magnesium board surface.