greenewall wall installation sequence
Greenewall...the sound wall that surpasses the fence.

about greenewall

not just a wall -- what is greenewall? 

greenewall privacy sound wall fence is composed of materials derived from nature, and formed into a post and wall panel system.

The surface and core materials of a greenewall panel wall are composed of natural minerals from the earth. The primary ingredient is Magnesium Oxide, a naturally occurring mineral. It is waterproof, and rodent and termite-resistant.

The core is bonded to the outer surface of the wall panels with a 100% water-based latex adhesive, which meets Greenguard standards. The outer surfaces of the wall panels are covered with an impact-resistant, fireproof, waterproof layer composed of a green-certified material, which can contribute to LEED points for green buildings. In the manufacturing process of this material, carbon dioxide is actually absorbed.
This extremely durable and strong product is 100% recyclable.
The final surface layer of the wall panel assembly is coated in a layer of DPR Acrylic stucco, guaranteed to protect the wall for the lifetime of the product. It too can contribute to LEED points for green building. Choose from a variety of stucco colors and textures to complement each unique project. Powder-coated steel posts set 2 feet into the ground and secured by concrete footings support the entire wall panel assembly. Steel is one of the most commonly recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

greenewall wall panels are manufactured 8 feet long by 3 feet high, are stackable and interlocking. All components interlock, allowing custom solutions to each landscape project. 

Variations and accessories include large custom pillars, end columns, gates, top caps, along with planters, water features, feeders, seating; all to add a personalized touch to your greenewall.